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JIEDDO Endurance Challenge

From our partner RE2. RE2 has a strong unmanned ground vehicle R&D background. With its deep experience in DoD programs such as Dragon Runner (QNA), Gladiator (USMC), and Spinner (DARPA), RE's ForeRunner won the JIEDDO Endurance Challenge in June of 2012 for the Dismounted Class. It was also the fastest robot in all categories (Mounted, [...]


From Perigean Technologies. MacroCogntion Captures decision making, sensemaking, and team work from the perspective of the actors. Klein, G., Ross, K. G., Moon, B. M., Klein, D. E., Hoffman, R. R., & Hollnagel, E. (2003, May/June). Macrocognition. IEEE Intelligent Systems, 18, 81-85. This is a foundational framework underpinning our Team KCA Harness and Navigate Model [...]

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Robotics Engineering Excellence (RE2)

With roots in Carnegie Mellon’s National Robotics Engineering Center (NREC), RE2 was founded in 2001 to create useful, innovative, fielded technology to benefit our armed forces, enhance homeland security efforts, and save lives. A Small Business Innovation Research Achievement Award and Tibbett’s Award winner, RE2 has successfully fielded military products based on innovative engineering solutions [...]

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KCA’s Risk-Based Approach

Earlier this year, KCA published a 30 page technical paper representing the culmination of 18 months of applied research to assist the U.S. Border Patrol develop its Risk-Based Approach (RBA) for implementing its Strategic Plan to secure our borders. In developing a probabilistic risk analysis model for assessing risks to border security, the near-term objectives [...]

Mapping Knowledge with Perigean Technologies

Our teammate Perigean Technologies is an applied research leader in capturing, analyzing and organizing knowledge in ways that can drive results. Perigean’s Chief Technology Officer, Brian Moon, is an editor in the recent addition to this body of work.   Check it out  at Amazon

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