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Systems and Process Engineering

KCA currently utilizes Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) to support national security clients and has a cadre of system engineers supporting MARCORSYSCOM. Supported by Lockheed Martin’s global team of world-class engineers, we are also able to leverage RE2’s team of experts at engineering complex solutions and bring to bear APG—an industry thought leader in enterprise architecture, [...]

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Modeling, Simulations and Analysis

Since its founding, KCA has continually provided full-time modeling, simulation and analysis support to its clients. Whether analyzing the complex, dynamic risks to our nation’s borders or the cost effectiveness of client operational portfolios, we help decision-makers assess, forecast and shape outcomes.

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Prototyping, Pre-production and Model-making

RE2 serves as Team KCA’s lead for prototyping. When coupled with its large network of local electronics experts, machine shops, and suppliers, RE2 is proven in its ability to: model complex engineering concepts; rapidly fabricate sophisticated electro-mechanical systems; and produce small unit runs of advanced prototypes.

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System Design Documentation

KCA provides extensive technical data support to our DoD and DHS customers. For USMC customers, we facilitate success throughout the acquisition life-cycle of Department of Defense (DoD) acquisition programs by drafting, adjudicating, and assisting with the approval of detailed system design and technical data documentation necessary to support each Milestone Decision, Design Review, Readiness Review, and [...]

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Software Engineering

Team KCA provides unique expertise in this area via Microsoft, the largest software engineering company in the world.  As an integral member of our team, Microsoft allows us to seamlessly develop robust software engineering solutions that minimize excessive customization and provide familiar, user-friendly interfaces.  Additionally, Lockheed Martin provides us with a deep and wide bench [...]

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Reliability, Maintainability, and Availability

KCA has extensive experience providing RM&A support to our current MARCORSYSCOM clients. RM&A activities are not single events, but rather a critical set of iterative management processes. Our analysts continuously and proactively compile and evaluate data from disparate supply and maintenance management systems to identify trends and emerging issues. This provides our clients with a [...]

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Human Factors, Performance, & Usability

Perigean Technologies provides Team KCA with a recognized leader in the development and application of Cognitive Systems Engineering (CSE), Cognitive Task Analysis (CTA) and Human-Centered Computing (HCC) principles to help drive the development of intelligent systems.  Most recently, Perigean has applied these methods to: design U.S.  Army intelligence software tools, experiment with a virtual collaboration [...]

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System Safety Engineering

In support of our MARCORSYSCOM clients, KCA’s systems engineers conduct Programmatic Environment, Safety, and Occupational Health (PESHE) evaluations to ensure all ESOH related risks are identified. Our engineers also prepare ESOH plans, analyses, and reports, to include System Safety Management Plans, HAZMAT Management Plans, Pollution Prevention Plans, System Safety Analyses, Health Hazard Assessments, and Compliance [...]

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Configuration Management

KCA currently provides full-time systems engineers to harness the power of configuration management (CM) in supporting the Marine Corps Systems Command (MARCORSYSCOM). Through real-world experience, our team understands what it takes to plan, draft and implement successful CM plans to deliver and sustain capabilities critical to the success of Marines and sailors in combat. [...]

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Quality Assurance (QA)

KCA currently supports MARCORSYSCOM clients with technical and operational experts well-versed in proven multi-tier QA methodologies. We support Marine Corps program and project managers with peer, technical and customer quality reviews. We have developed both a Customer Satisfaction Assessment Tool (CSAT), targeting professional services quality metrics, and a dynamic QA Tracker Tool (QATT) to allow our [...]

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