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Information System (IS) Development

Information System (IS) Development, Information Assurance (IA), and Information Technology (IT)  KCA believes that the ultimate purpose of IS, IA and IT support is to increase the quality of decision-making across an organization at every level. Our solutions help our DoD and DHS customers effectively and efficiently capture, access, search, visualize, animate, analyze, communicate, integrate [...]

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Inactivation & Disposal Support

As the nation’s largest defense contractor, our teammate Lockheed Martin possesses extensive experience and the technical know-how to execute large scale inactivation and disposal efforts of aircraft, major weapons systems, and ships.

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Interoperability, Test and Evaluation, Trials Support

Lockheed Martin is Team KCA’s lead for applying engineering, scientific, and analytical expertise to ensure that materiel solutions are properly tested to ensure they meet warfighter interoperability requirements. In real terms, we accomplish this throughout the program lifecycle by developing and updating a Requirements Traceability Matrix, developing and updating Test & Evaluation (T&E) strategies, and [...]

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Measurement Facilities, Range and Instrumentation

Our KCA staff is experienced in providing facility instrumentation support for leading edge training and experimentation. Our teammate, Lockheed Martin, has extensive experience operating state-of-the-art measurement facilities, ranges, and equipment used to design, analyze, characterize, and test highly sophisticated components and weapon systems.

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Logistics Support

KCA plans, coordinates, and executes comprehensive logistics support strategies to ensure successful system acquisition, product deployment, and life-cycle sustainment for Program Offices that procure all hand-held and weapon mounted combat optics, laser pointers, night vision equipment, and non-lethal systems for the U. S. Marine Corps. Our staff assists the client in executing 44 ongoing acquisition [...]

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Supply and Provisioning Support

KCA’s Supply and Provisioning Analysts currently provide technical expertise to our MARCORSYSCOM clients on all matters pertaining to Marine Corps supply policy practices, and procedures. Our analysts compile and analyze data from a variety of USMC/DoD supply management systems ensuring that fielded systems are materially sustained. Our Lockheed Martin teammate also conducts warehousing, shipping, and [...]

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Our results-based training solutions focus on reducing the time-to-training (T2T), time-to-competency (T2C), and time-to-results (T2R). Although we are interested in accelerating the learning curve, we target the application curve—the time between individual competency (T2C) and organizational results (T2R). Our outcomes-based approach leverages Cognitive Task Analysis (CTA) methodologies that directly link training interventions to specific tangible [...]

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In-Service Engineering

In-Service Engineering, Fleet Introduction, Installation and Checkout Lockheed Martin provides this core capability to Team KCA, as it currently supports U.S. Marine Corps requirements in this area on multiple MARCORSYSCOM task orders. They provide in-service engineering support for the Program Manager, Tactical Communications, at multiple geographic locations, both in CONUS and OCONUS.

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Program Management

For more than four years, KCA has provided full-time program support to MARCORSYSCOM. We have provided the full range of program management, system engineering, logistics management, and financial analysis support to Program Manager (PM) Optical Systems, PM Non-Lethal Systems, PM Intelligence, and PM Infantry Weapons. Our staff members are experts in the application of business [...]

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Functional and Administrative Support

KCA currently provides functional and administrative support to two separate MARCORSYSCOM Program Offices. We understand how to provide world-class management services by first improving organizational performance by conducting assessments, addressing process improvement, and optimizing the skilled performance and applied expertise of people within the assessed organization to accomplish critical goals and objectives.

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