Systems Engineer

Systems Engineer

Full time
Stafford VA

Knowledge Capital Associates, LLC is seeking applicants for the position of Systems Engineer in support of the Marine Corps Systems Command. This is a full-time position located in Stafford, VA. The applicant selected for this position must possess a bachelor’s degree in any engineering discipline, physics, or mathematics and a minimum of 10 years of work experience, along with excellent communication and writing skills.

The selected candidate will provide holistic systems engineering and technical expertise to the U.S. Government, performing the following tasks:

  • Generate systems engineering-related documentation in accordance with Major Defense Acquisition Program (DoDI 5000.02) and Marine Corps Systems Command procedures. Documentation includes: Technology Development Strategies, Test and Evaluation Master Plans, Systems Engineering Plans, Programmatic Environmental Safety and Health Evaluations, Risk Acceptance Documentation, Performance Specifications, National Environmental Policy Act documentation and/or Requests for Environmental Impact Review, and Configuration Management Plans.
  • Assist the Government in performing systems analysis and requirements analysis and traceability; prepare and review Requirements Traceability Matrices.
  • Conduct analysis and make recommendations relating to the preparation and execution of Systems Engineering Technical Reviews; assist in planning, coordinating, executing, and closing out SETRs; draft meeting agendas and briefing slides for Government review and approval; attend and record minutes at SETR events or Technical Interchange Meetings, and assist the Government closing out the resulting requests for action.
  • Aid the Government conduct failure analysis, review incident reports and supporting documentation (e.g., Corrective Action Reports), and perform investigations.
  • Provide assistance to the Government in conducting engineering evaluations of manufacturing processes, technology obsolescence, technology insertion, capabilities enhancements, configuration and interface control, and platform integration.
  • Conduct Technical Analysis by assisting the Government in analyzing security classification guides, reduced manufacturing sources, material shortages, and obsolescence issues affecting all programs.
  • Review, assemble, and update technical data packages. Attend Government systems drawing reviews, record minutes and review, identify discrepancies, update, and redline drawing packages. Draft Configuration Status Accounting checklists with information resulting from Government drawings reviews.
  • Analyze sustainment data and trends for programs in the Operations & Sustainment phase and draft summary reports, highlighting their systems engineering-related recommendations for improving sustainability.
  • Provide Configuration Management Support, such as developing Physical Configuration Audit (PCA) plans and participating in PCAs; analyzing potential configuration modifications in support of Engineering Change Proposals (ECPs), Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)-provided Changes in Production (CIP), Government-initiated modification instructions, technical instructions, and validation/verification events; generate Engineering Change Proposals (ECPs); update Configuration Status Accounting databases, as required.
  • Collect, analyze, and draft summary reports of pertinent test data for Government review and approval.

Additional recommended knowledge and experience for successfully completing these tasks includes:

  • Testing experience, such as conducting functional and environmental testing, conducting user evaluations, and developing test plans, test reports, survey questions, and datasheets.
  • Excellent communication skills, particularly a clear and demonstrable understanding of English grammar.

The candidate hired for this position MUST be able to receive an Interim Secret Clearance from the U.S. Government within 6 weeks from the start of employment. A denial by the U.S. Government to grant the employee an Interim Secret Clearance within that timeframe may result in the individual being dismissed from the company.

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