Equipment Specialist

Equipment Specialist

Full time
Albany GA

Primary duties and responsibilities:


Candidate will support the Marine Corps Systems Command at the Marine Corps Logistics Base in Albany, GA.  Responsibilities of the position include:


  1. Serving as the Logistics, Provisioning, and Technical Subject Matter Expert;
  2. Providing information and advice to those who design, test, produce, procure, supply, operate, repair, or dispose of equipment;
  3. Providing technical input during the development of procurement and technical data packages;
  4. Compiling, maintaining, and analyzing data for tools, parts, components, and standardized maintenance procedures needed for efficient field use and maintenance;
  5. Providing assistance during the conduct of logistics assessments supporting new equipment procurement decisions;
  6. Preparing high quality logistics documentation such as Supply Instructions, Technical Instructions, Modification Instructions, and Disposal Plans;
  7. Assisting in the development of repair manuals and technical bulletins and overseeing the completion of Cataloging Action Requests and supply catalog data/information;
  8. Interfacing with Logistics Managers and Inventory Managers at Marine Corps Logistics Command.
  9. Maintain, update, and perform Cataloging Action Requests-Table of Organization and Equipment Change Requests (CAR-TOECR) for equipment within TFSMS.
  10. Participate in Logistics Integrated Product Teams (IPTs), Pre-Provisioning conferences, Provisioning Guidance Conferences, and Provisioning Conference in support of provisioning/cataloging efforts.
  11. Access the Product Data Reporting and Evaluation Program (PDREP) to review, validate, and respond to PQDRs.
  12. Perform Provisioning Technical Data analysis and input provisioning data into Marine Interactive Computer-Aided Provisioning System, Provisioning Subsystem 10, and Item Application File databases.
  13. Conduct research in support of Level of Repair Analysis (LORA) in support of maintenance concepts development for all programs.

Additionally, candidates must have the ability to multi-task, be familiar with MS Office tools/products, and possess strong verbal and written communication skills.

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